Purity Delivered from Seed to Sale

At Carolina Best Distribution, we provide you with the best variety of CBD and hemp extract products. We believe that healing occurs from the inside out and to ensure this close attention should be paid to what is going in the body. Use of organic CBD products for both humans and pets helps facilitate and maintain health and overall wellness.

Our Mission

Carolina Best Distribution is committed to providing customers with the finest quality organic CBD and hemp extract products derived from organically grown hemp plants. We want the customers to avail the marvelous health benefits of CBD to improve their quality of life and overall health as well as of their pets. Through our product lines we aim to pave the way for organic cannabinoid products for the wellness of the body and mind.

Hemp Extracts

Carolina Best Distribution has partnered with two of the highest quality North American extraction labs to provide a direct line of hemp extract products to businesses. Our labs use Super-critical CO2 and food grade ethanol to achieve the highest quality cannabinoid extracts and concentrates. We enable our clients to purchase directly from our labs to ensure their products always maintain purity and reliability. We also offer consulting on multiple facets of hemp industry including implementation, formulation, and marketing of products as well as keeping our clients up to date on all the fluid movements of shifts in market pricing.

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CBD Therapeutics

Inflammation is often the main cause of pain and aches in muscles and joints. Our line of CBD therapeutics helps enhance the effects of physiotherapy efforts, particularly in relieving inflammation and pain. It helps patients improve and maintain balance while quickly relieving inflammation and associated pain.

This aids in quick management or prevention of long-term issues. The intake of CBD products as supplements promotes better sleep, soothes inflammation in muscles and joints, relieves pain and boosts the immune system.

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Custom White-Labeling

Carolina Best Distribution offers white labeled products for companies who want to develop their brand identity in the CBD products industry. We have the capability to create almost any type of CBD product in the market in bulk at the most competitive prices you can find.

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